Invisalign For Columbia, MD

pasted image 0 While orthodontic patients have the goal of attaining the straight and beautiful smile of their dreams, not all of them are particularly thrilled about metal braces, whether that’s because the visible wires and brackets or the dietary restrictions that come with braces. Thankfully, Columbia Family Dentist has a solution, Invisalign!

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the alternative to traditional braces. Instead of using metal wires and brackets to straighten teeth, Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners. The aligners apply small amounts of pressure to gradually move a patient’s teeth into their new and proper position. Made of polyurethane plastic, Invisalign aligners are both sturdy and nearly invisible, allowing a patient to undergo orthodontic treatment without anyone even noticing it.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

By utilizing Invisalign’s advanced 3-D graphics technology, we’ll determine the steps needed to move your teeth into their best possible position. After taking molds of your teeth, we’ll create aligners that are customized to meet your orthodontic needs. You’ll wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks before progressing onto the next set in a designated order. The total aligners needed will vary from patient to patient, but it will typically range from 12 to 48 aligners.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign is a great treatment option, not only because the aligners are nearly invisible, but also because:

  • The aligners are removable, meaning that you won’t have to modify your diet or restrict yourself from any foods; you just simply take your aligners out before eating.
  • Cleaning your teeth remains just as simple as ever as the aligners can removed for this.
    The polyurethane plastic is much more comfortable than the metal wires and brackets of traditional braces.
  • If you happen to grind your teeth at night, the aligners will act as a night guard to protect your teeth. 

Visit Your Columbia, MD Invisalign Provider

Invisa If you’d like to see if you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment, you can schedule a consultation with us by filling out our online appointment request form or by giving us a call at (410) 730-6020. We hope to hear from you soon and help you attain the straight and beautiful smile of your dreams!